Research in the Tanja Gulder Lab

Although the halogenation of organic molecules is one of the most widespread techniques for the functionalization of substrates, efficient catalytic methods for the selective installation of halogen atoms are rare. Our research program therefore addresses the long-standing problem of catalytic halogenation. Nature has developed different strategies to catalyze these types of reactions with high chemo-, regio, and stereospecificity. By exploring and emulating Nature’s concept, new catalysts are elaborated, which allow for the development of mild, generally applicable, and selective catalytic methods for the formation of carbon,halogen bonds, thus adding a particularly advantageous tool to the arsenal of methods in modern synthesis. With the application of these catalysts, novel compound classes with unique structures and potent biological activities are easily accessed, expanding the boundaries of chemical space, which will contribute to the discovery of new lead compounds and has the potential for the development of new drugs and theranostic biomaterials.

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Tanja Gulder
University of Leipzig
Institute of Organic Chemistry
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